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Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism 2010-2011

I rarely give a 5 star review. Here's why CETFA gets one. The book has almost every therapy you can think of, from anti-epileptic meds to behavioral therapies like ABA and RDI and then covers the vast array of so called "alternative" treatments that are really working for so many kids. It doesn't show any bias toward one or the other. If you're a parent of a newly diagnosed child, this book can help you decide which route to take -- straight traditional with meds and therapy or the addition of much more from the biomed side of treatment. My disclosure is that I am publishing a book with Skyhorse myself and I am on the cover of this book. But I only agreed to be on the cover because I feel strongly that this book is a must for parents of young kids just diagnosed through old timers (like me) who need to revamp their treatment options for their child. I'd buy a copy for the pediatrician, neurologist and school team too.

--Kimberly Stagliano